Hi Wendy
Im not expecting anything really. I think its too late to hope for much at my stage.The idea of me going on Humira was to try and give me a better standard of life but as far as im concerned the only thing that could do that is being 6'4" again or close to it. Its very difficult deciding what to do. I think if it was just me I would say go for it and sod the consequences but I have to think of my wife and the children.I think at some point the way Im going there wont be much choice the more my kyphosis increases the harder it wil be for me to breath and swallow. I know my rhumi wants it done so I will wait till I see him next month and see what he thinks.Its the surgeons At the spinal unit queens square in London who are saying its too dangerouse.But I know they have a new one there who specializes in straightening spines so you never know.