Hi Molly,

I think I may have caused some confusion with how I worded one of my previous posts (which I will now go back and edit), sorry, but no, I have not had spinal surgery, in fact, I've never had any kind of surgery ever (knocks on wood)! My spine is damaged with bits of fusion (mostly facet joints) but luckily I am not stooping forward any more. I can relate to some extent with the awful back spasms though, as I suffered for years with forceful spasms that would take my breath away and cause me to fall to the floor without warning. I can barely imagine how much worse Alan's must have been, right after having surgeons physically touching and moving his spinal cord, as they did. It scares me to even think about what he endured. Nope, I am more like you... I am a chicken(!!!) and very grateful that I have not reached that level of severity.

And thanks Molly, I'm glad you enjoyed the slideshow! I love snapping pics but am not very good at it unfortunately. As many photos as I have of Alan's friendly smile -- you should just see how many I have of him making a silly face for the camera! He is a hoot as well as a sweet, wonderfully kind and fascinating man, you are right!

And Alan, your nose is not big! It is in perfect proportion, I promise you.

Now if I could only decipher 'innit'! lol