Wendy wendy..................odd that your name reminds me of a song now what was it.........errrr oh yes I know

Wendy wed wed wobin comes bob bob bobbing along - along.........ughhh sorry mind wandering off there lol

Wendy are you actually inviting me to talk about myself? Wow, well as you all know I am a reticent talker, shy modest and winsome...........but for you and the benefit of mankind in general welll.............errrr ok you persuaded me....lol

Of course I will be delighted to recount if not to dull and grim, I do love talking about it all because I consider that I was one of life's lucky ones.....where to begin though..........ok

When I was 18, I joined the Nottingham City Police.

I had had some teinges in my body for a while, but at that age thought little of them and thought they might go away, as probably all of us would. Having finished police training I was put 'On the beat' You will know about that phrase, perhaps our western colleagues may not anyway put on patrol. Because I was new novice like, I was first put on night duty. Was thought I couldn't do a lot of harm there and would accustom me to the job. 10.00pm until 6.00am At 4.00 am I could barely walk. Pains, severe in hips and thighs, I mean really severe. Well it was because I had been walking all night and would get used to it no doubt! I darent complain about it, being a policeman was a drea I had long cherished, so kept quiet, for a year or two. The pain though refused to stay quiet and got worse and worse until I was forced to take a week off. Whoah.......we dont have time off said the 9 foot sergeant who arrived at my home 10 minutes after I had reported in sick. Out of bed let me see you walk around. Was then that I realised fully about morning stiffness. I could not get out of bed, pain was screaming etc. He still though considered me a faker. And so it went, The doc had to be called he kneeled on my bed and bounced about a bit and found the bed guuilty as charged of being soft and no good for backache thereby prescribing codamol for me and a new mattress for the bed!

Chapter 2 tomorrow or maybe tonight, work demands my presence.