Question: "Would I do it again?"

With what I know now, no. Reason being, that I 'don't think' it was necessary in the first place.

Left shoulder had been playing up for several months, and was getting really bad. Interrupted sleep could hardly use left arm, difficulty in driving - manual change, small truck. Then started Pilates. And was responding very well indeed. Had got back a deal of ROM (range of movement) and, some strength. Began to have heavy doubts as to going ahead with the surgery. Really wanted a second opinion - and had IDeed a top ortho surgeon, upper limb (who now is with the Wrightington). Unfortunately, I was so darn broke and at that point in time, could only go outside my PCT area by going privately. Sigh.

Went ahead with the surgery - and this in spite of my heavy feelings of *Don't go there* doubts. The surgery was a bit of a bodged job. Prothesis 'seemingly' a tad too big, much tendon damage, much tissue damage, much muscle damage. He was ALSO supposed (!) to have done a SAD/ACJ, operating notes said he had done, but, when I went to the Nottingham for a second opinion, surgoen there, looked at X-rays and said, NOT DONE!

I was in terrible pain for 9 months. Could not lift left arm above 10" to the front, and not much more to the side. Getting dressed etc etc was diff. Could not drive, could not even hang out the washing. Nothing. Tried one day to tie in my clematus, impossible. Could NOT lift arm to tie. Agony. All the time in very bad pain - in tears most days. Had to sleep on the settee as could not lie down: had to sleep propped up. So, back supported upright in corner of settee, legs on footrest/pouffe.

Bodger surgeon 'washed his hands of me'... Tried to stuff a cortisone injection into my shoulder, I refused. Knew enough by then to know 'NO.' Cortisone can wreak havoc with shouler tendons. Weakens em. So, went for the second opinion, and then we found out...ho-hum. (Should have sued the &*%^$£D)

After the SAD/ACJ followed by *excellent physio therapy, matters started to improve. My ROM now is excellent but, still got the tendon and tissue and muscle (supraspinatous) damage and of course the catching due to the prothesis being a tad too big. Most times am pain free, but temps-en-temps...not too good.

Right shoulder has started the same run around. Receiving PT (not much good over here, but augumenting with what I know) and slowly right soulder is improving. Plays up sometimes, but...NOT going there again. No more replacements, thank you. I have trust in only one hospital and in only one surgeon. IF it gets truly terrible, then will return to the UK - but only for an opinion.

IF the surgery had not been bodged, then...

But yes, did scream, and scream in agony. And it went on and on and on. Until I got the SAD/ACJ surgery, nine months of hell.

Strangely. It was only from that time that my face became completely lined, wrinkled like linen wrinkles. I hardly had any lines at all before, but now? Completely wrinkled up. And my hair went white blond (from being dark red) almost overnight. My s-in-l when she saw me, had difficulty in hiding her surprised horror! (She hadn't seen me in about a 12 month, and had came over to help out.)

But our cases are different Alan. Know that my cervicals are playing up. Every day, at end of day and first thing in the morning, and now the endless headaches. But, still could not do what you did. Frankly. Am on my own. It don't matter much if am around or not, not really. So, would prefer to be out of it. Blessed relief. 'Smile'. But somehow keep on keeping on.

Molly C (France)

MollyC1i - Riding OutAS