So, I woke up in hospital with a pretty nursing sister prodding me.

"What is the last thing you remember?"

She repeated it until i was sort of compus mentis.

"Hapiness" I found myself saying..........

"Ohh God" she said, "One of them"

I wasn't sure what one of them was, but felt sure that I wasn't one, and even if I was one then she had no right to accuse me of being one which I wasnt and would have refused to be if I knew what one was or what they did, well I felt a right one!. She had turned from a happy bunny into an irritated efficient,

'we dont want your sort in here'

type of person. I do remember though that her legs were long and sinuous. I was embarrassed too, being in A and E in leiderhosen! Yes that's right, Leiderhosen. It may seem funny, but it wasn't. Well, at least not for the wearer. I have to admit though, that there seemed to be much mirth in the general area of the trolley upon which I was recumbent.

They tested me for hours and found nothing, not even the AS. Declared me fit and well and said I could go home. So, picture the scene; there I am, in the middle of a huge hospital campus, wearing leiderhosen and a white shirt with embroidered front, long socks and red baseball boots. No money, no idea what time it was but knew that I lived miles from where I was. There were many folks milling about and all it seemed,found me to be an object of interest and amusement....There were no mobile (cell) phones then so I asked a nurse if I could use the phone, explaining that I had no money. Yes she said and I managed to raise my brother, another musician, who came and fetched me.

This was the first indication perhaps that my time was here, that things had to change, that drinking, working all day and night, sleeping on friends floors and so on was not doing me any good. The brain started to work and to challenge the body, to say lets live a life.

The next day my right knee grew to the size of Michelle's boat. so 24 hours later, there I am again, in the hospital having my knee aspirated. 150 gallons of synovium drained off though a needle as big as cleopatra's which was roughly inserted beneath the kneecap.

Then they admitted me. Oh why said I , it is only a knee. You are ill said they. So, there I was, hospitalised. not working, no money, alone now. But, for the first time in years, sober..............the brain began to work.

Cripes you must all be bored by now......

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