MJ as a medicine is worth thinking about. If you are you haven't tried it because of all the "war on drugs," miss information consider this. MJ has bin available in US since about the 1930s. The original reason is was outlaw was do the pulp paper Co czar didnít want another source of paper pulp to put his wood pulp out of competition. Check out a little history to see this is true. Pulp making of paper started with wood at just a couple years before hemp farming and import started in US. Hemp was going to be a cheaper cleaner way of making paper. The wood pulp czar had already invested into wood pulp production and lobbied to make hemp a controlled substance.
The claims by the DEA and law enforcement should be considered with the joining fact that if MJ was legal a lot of people would be out of work. Over a forth of the imprisoned people in the US are there for MJ. This fact alone shows how much revenue is spent on the so called war on drugs. This war on drugs is not on all drugs as you may have bin led to believe. To prove this point check out the DEA web sight and study the charts. Soon you will see most money is spent on imprisoning the common MJ user.
Another thing to consider, The legal drugs that are supposed to go through strict medical and scientific study to insure safety- how many have bin recalled in the last five years. More than I care to count. Of the drugs you are now taking how many short term and long term side effects are harming your body? I believe if you realize that MJ has bin used longer than any current med used for AS than you would trust the common users many years of research. How many people have bin physically hurt in any way directly from the use of MJ? You may think there are some because the war on drugs says so but looking into it I have not found one case that was proven to cause physical harm in adults. Children have bin shown in laboratory studies to suffer empathy like symptoms but the adults did not. It's worth getting the fact and not just accepting what the drug war people say(they have much to loose if you know the truth and much to gain if they keep the gen. public ill informed.)
It would be unlawful for me to encourage anyone to use an illegal substance so please know I am only writing this for you to make your own informed choice and you should do the research and double check me. I am not a doctor or lawyer or LE officer so you make your own choice.

The government already knows what the people want and the gov. already knows MJ is safer than the drugs given to us by the drug company. The fight is in political leverage and that is only gained by active groups, so be active and support a group.
Please share your thoughts and info. If you want PM me and I can give you more details on how to grow your favorite herbal medicine. Donít buy from the street. This just supports the DEA and anti drug folks in the way that more busts = more justification for there need to police the drug.

A healthier alternative to smoking is vaporizer. They are expensive and seems like a red flag to some but its easy to make one (PM me if you want design). Other people have already stated the beni's so I just wanted to agree, itís better for you.

Sorry one more edit; The reason I considerd MJ in the first place is cost of drugs. Without insurance I cant even afford gov. approved drugs.

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