Hello. I am relatively new to my diagnosis, approximately 1.5 years. And, at first I tried to go with no meds. I researched med. marijuana and have tried vaporizing, hemp oil, cookies. I have found that one cookie at night will carry me through the night usually. I wake up without a hangover. I go to bed before I get the "high" feeling, which I don't want to experience. Also, the vaporizing works for break through pain. Some varieties more than others. The CBD type, which has been developed for more medical reasons, really seemed to help most. I tried Embrel and it helped some but could hardly wrap my head around using a drug that compromises the immune system when the disease is an auto immune disease. So, Ibuprohpen is my friend. I am hopeful that the medical world will do more research on the use of it and find strains that really work, free of harmful chemicals.