High all... :)

Yup, I want to join the chorus on the benifits on MJ. I was smoking the stuff for the wrong reasons, but reaslised the benifits when I wanted to quit. I wanted to revamp my life and I thought that that habit's got to go. It was the worst 2 weeks in the last 3 years!

I think when you're high you forget about the pain... :)

When I quit, sleep started to elude me and pain levels increased.

Fortunetely here in Africa (South Africa) the stuff is quite freely available. And cheap. I pay R70 for about 40 gram. (due to our currency's recent stregthening it became much more expensive in $ - in Dec 2001 the rand struck it's worst levels ever - R13.86 to the $, now it's standing at +- R6.30 to the $ - meaning relatively the price increased from $5 to $11)

For the purpose of sleep and killing pain I would strongly recommend using it. Now smoking it is not the best option - eating is much more acceptable (for taste for those that does not smoke at all). And here goes my recipe for cookies:

Grind your stuff as fine as possible, removing all seeds and sticks.
Put in a small pot, cover it with water and add about a table spoon of margerine/butter. Delta 9-Tetrahydracannabinol, or THC for short, is an oil based chemical and doesn't stick to the water - hence the butter /margerine.
Boil this mixture at low temp.
Every about 30 mins, drain the fluid and add new water/butter. I filter it through a hankerchief - carefully - the stuff is boiling temp when you drain it. Do this 3 or 4 times, adding the fluid together.
Throw away the solids. Take the drained fluid and boil it until there is very little water left (the water will appear black and disgusting).
Let it cool down to the point where the butter/marge has solidified. Remove the block of solids and throw the rest away.

Take this butter/marge and bake your favourite instant cookies, replacing the butter/marge that's part of the recipe, with your special version. It may not taste as good as the cookies would normally, but it's a far cry from the revolting taste of the MJ solids in the cookies.

I prefer smoking it though - I feel much more in control. Smoking lasts about 2 hours - eating it can last up to 12 hours. I do not consume before or during work, but damn I look forward to it in the late afternoon.

Happy times.