OMG, $5 for 40g's, wowie, its at least $100-200 for 40g's in the states, err least in TN. Must be nice to live in a place where you can be free to injest a helpful herb and not be put in jail for it. I know many who smoke mary j, in all walks of life, either personally, or thru forums, emails, etc., and most of them are really great people, and friendly for the most part. It's just a much more peaceful, relaxing drug than alcohol and tobacco, the staples for the american "accepted drugs".
I find it a very serious injustice that people of a "free" nation would have to fear imprisonment, or huge fines for doing something that hurts no one, except for the small amount of brain cells the smoker may have to endure. I have a difficult time believing those who are in power really feel deep down that someone smoking a doobie is as threatening to the general public as a raging drunk.
We all know that cigarettes cause lung cancer, but the other health problems associated with them are too numerous to mention, and arent on the package. One major one is that cig's affect your sleep if smoked 7 hours or less b4 sleep. is a great site for more facts.
Alcohol definately is stronger and more harmful than mary j. I would rather be around someone who is stoned rather than drunk. I haven't seen many peep who can do much anything very well drunk, but I know many who can perform most any task to a normal level while stoned.
If we could get the entire country to vote on whether or not to legalize mary j, I assure you the numbers for it would rise each year. Think of how nice it would be, to walk into the gas station, and be able to choose, freely, without fear, which type of fine Grade A mary j to puff on, ahhh, yummmy. Well, till then, may we all live to the highest degree of what we feel is freedom, until the day comes when mary j is legal for all to use and enjoy. :)