Well, had to come back with an update. Basically, at least where I am, everyone is dropped dead on opiod overdoses and that scares the hell out me.

I have tried a few things and found the THC capsules, edibles, and vaporizers seem to be very very beneficial, however you end up stoned. So it is a hit and miss, your pain is gonna but you're kind of stoned. I found with the capsules tolerance builds quickly and then you really don't get that stoned feeling but the pain goes away.

I was told the THC is better for the pain of this disease as opposed to the CBD, but apparently they have 1:1 strains that are magical.

The only downside is that it is expensive after a while, but I would tell people to give it a try. i came back on this site after a while of feeling good to see how people are doing and anxiety just kicked in when I read about people in pain and not doing too well. If you read some of my earlier posts, it has become a night and day process.

I live between two seniors. One with RA and one with Fibro, when I first moved here I would smell marijuana a few times a day, turns out a lot of these seniors I have been bumping into use it for the pain with many of them saying that they had to go off their normal medicines for one reason or another and are better off now.

So that is my update. Some people don't like the idea of it, and some people live in places where it is not yet legal, but it's definitely worth a try.

Also it must be noted that I have a bit of IBS and had to watch what I ate a bit, and had some medication for that, and now my stomach is doing great no issues, normal stool... I just can't remain skeptical on this it just seems to work.