Keep in mind that different marijuana strains have different chemical you different effects from the drug slightly...for example a strain that is lower in THC can be a more "mellow" high and with less paranoia...i mean this all varies from person to person and strain to strain but the bottom line is that when you probably first tried alot of things like beer or alcohol or even a soda pop flavour you maybe didnt like it...but next time your in the store you try a different kind of soda pop or alcohol and love it..also hashish and oil which are both made from marijuana have different effects as well...good luck


AS confirmed 2014- SI joints fused and some fusion in lumbar spine
Meds-Humira 40mg every 2 weeks
T4 and Percocet as needed
Vimovo (naproxen) 500 mg 2xday
TENS unit used daily on flaring areas