Really interested in this. I have been looking into trying it. My dad gave me enough for one joint to try but it was old, stale and not potent. It was my first experience with pot at the ripe old age of 31! My parents were/are quite the hippies and smoked all the time, now they don't do so much any more. But their drug talk to me as a kid was if you want to try pot come to us. The stuff out there may be laced with other stuff, so we don't want you to get hurt. Yup I rebelled the other way and never did it!

Well Christmas last year my pain was bothering me so I tried it. It really helped! I relaxed, my muscles relaxed and my back pain was tolerable. I want to try something fresher but have no clue how to get it. My husband is getting so upset with the lack of results from all my medications he wants me to smoke. He said it's just one more thing to try. I tend to agree. We both wish we lived in a state that allowed it, but we don't. Our state has decriminalized it, but I still don't know where to get it. I'm so afraid of buying my first bit of pot from some nark!

I hate to say it but I'm so desperate for pain relief I'm willing to buy illegal drugs. When will the US learn?!

my photos avatar is the tattoo I got shortly after getting my AS diagnosis, it says "to be in good health"