Well here is my experience with Medical Marijuana. I don't smoke anything because it's bad for the lungs. I do use Cannabis Cream to rub on my ribs if I have a bad bout of Costocondritis and that is where my Fibro always flares. I have had a great amount of success with the cream. I also have Cannabis candy for the nights when I can't sleep which are about twice a month. I rub the cream on my feet right now because they are hurting so bad I want to sometimes cut them off. So yes, it is good to use and does work. If it isn't strong enough the chemist will make you a special dose. The cream doesn't give you any side effects either which is nice. The candy just gently helps you go to sleep without getting buzzed if you take the right amount. They have everything measured out and dosed from the very weakest amounts to higher doses at the dispensary's here. I live in WA where it's legal.

Diagnosed with A.S. 29 year's ago.
Diagnosed with Fibro 10 year's ago.
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