Hey Snotbox
Chocolate and MJ! Wow talk about dessert. Oboy I would skip dinner altogether for that.

The wife and i have talked about move to Canada. England is too far of a move but Canada and Englands medical/government policies seem to have more in common than US and England. With my disability and fact that niether one of us speak French our application would end up with too view points to be considerd I think. We would be Canadians in a heartbeat if it was available to us. For more than a view reasons. Top most reason is the geography. My favorite State of US I've lived in is Alaska and wifes fav state is Michigan so you can see Canada would be a great mid point geographically. And then there is the reason that health care in Canada is light years ahead of US. I really cant understand US policies on health care in so many ways.
Oh and by the way if you where thinking of sending out Christmass cards this year...just so you know...I love chocolate
Take care.