I wish it was legal here. I mean, I have access to it (only to the kind you'd smokeand who knows whats in the stuff that comes off the street) but I would never do anything to jeopardize my relationship with my rheumy. If one of my tests came back positive for illegal drugs, and she dropped me as a patient, I don't know what I'd do.

It really isn't fair. I work, pay my taxes and hurt like hell. I cant work full days because of the pain (and I own the business, so when I work less, the designers get less work, so they suffer too!). Im not the mom or wife I am supposed to be. The meds I take aren't enough. I live at a 6-7 daily (on Enbrel). I should have the option of MJ (in whatever form). The way I look at it is that the government, by making it illegal, is taking away my ability to be the fully contributing member of society I would be if I were to live in less pain (and could, therefore, work full days, BE A BETTER MOM, etc.)

Im sure this is a touchy subject for some. Im just frustrated that so many of you have relief (that you deserve and have a right to!!) but because of where I live, I dont have the option. I could move, I guess. Hey kids, lets move to _____________ so Mommy can get marijuana legally! Heh.

~ Holly