Raquel, I must say in all of my past experiences (and there have been many) although I no longer smoke due to paranoia, I much prefer my xanax LOL - anyway, in past experiences, eating pot brownies, as opposed to smoking, or inhaling one or two puffs, the brownies are MUCH MUCH MUCH more potent than just smoking it. Something about cooking it and it mixes with the oil and it releases more of that lovely chemical or whatever it is that makes you high as a kite. I have eaten brownies about 3 times in my lifetime, all of which I was soooooo sky high that I felt like I was tripping or I had eaten some mushrooms BROWNIES is not a good way to have your first experience with mary j - they are super potent compared to a puff from a joint.

I am tempted to give this another shot as I now have not only AS, but Crohn's as well, I'm positive it would help with my frequent nausea

This thread made me laugh my [**BLEEP**] off - you guys are a bunch of