ha heres one for you.

The very last time I took acid I was breakdancing. Could I even think of breakdancing on any other substance even drunk ( i mean to the extent that I could not feel pain ) - the answer is no because movement was still the same however numb. I never thought of this before now well in relation to movement. And as tiredofpain puts it and as I have said before because of sideeffects I would not reccomend people try this. But when I saw your article saying that they should try the marijuana if they could remove the negatives I thought maybe that could be said about a few things

I dont think studies into LSD went any further from a medical perspective. The court of public opinion has not held as strong as the one that supports marijuana...which has been proven to help people with chemo. In fact there are many funny little plants out there and I am sure it would take a lot of medical resources and time to try and work out which one is for what. How long did it take to get to biologicals for AS?

We all are in many ways trying to fight our own types of pain and illnesses, I respect that and I always will.