Hi all

so I bought some cannabis quite a large amount actually. First I bought the smallest quantity I could get from my dealer so I could do a test, and lucky it was the good stuff so I bought more.

I smoked it all for 5 days flat (I work from home), with good pain relief and success. I Also made green tea with it added sugar for taste. I must say the tea was nice......@ErikaK thanks for the tip. I will consider eating it next time, do u make cookies and baked goods. I do know smoking is not the best idea seemed easy for me at the time. I have read eating it keeps u high for much much longer, I don't want to get high for long.

The strange thing is after five days of smoking cannabis, I stopped smoking cigarettes for the next five days just didn't feel like it. I did start smoking cigarettes again but not cannabis.

Cigarettes are way more additive and unhealthy than smoking cannabis strange how cigarettes are legal yet cannabis is demonised, should be the other way around.

Almost forgot to mention my parents, my brother and sister thought I was having a mid life crisis or something since I was smoking at home. My mom was a bit more cool, she said as long as it helps don't waste money.

Good luck on your experimentation.

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