Funny...I just found this thread after hours of reading.

I too use MMJ to help relieve the pain. I find it to be very effective and it doesnt mess my head up like prescribed narcotics do. I have yet to ask my rheumy what she thinks about its usage...but, I am seriously considering bringing a Med MJ access form to her to sign, and see if I can get my card.

I just hate having to deal with black market sources to obtain quality meds...and plan on growing my own meds.

I find that when you smoke it you only benefit so much from its medicinal values. If you eat it though, (I make special cookies) I find that MJ controls the pain so much more effectively. Eating it affects your body more than your brain....which is perfect. I like to be alert and not "stoned out of my mind" that is another plus.

I agree that MJ is not for everyone...but it definitely is worth a try to see how effective it is for us AS sufferers.