Hi Erika, the quick answer is, yes there is. grin

The long answer is:

You can eat it, which can be more effective and doesn't give you the head rush (mainly beccaue you aren't asphyxiating yourself). Nature squares and rice crispie squares are very good, as are s'mores.

You can buy (or make, depending on the legalities where you are) a salve that is phenomenally effective. The one I have kills pain in 5 minutes flat. It lasts almost 2 hours, but that's long enough to get you through the moment, doing what you need to do and often I don't have to reapply. There is no high associated with this.

Or, you can buy a vaporizer, which bakes it rather than burning it. You aren't inhaling the smoke at that point, just the vapours, which aren't as toxic. The high is similar to edibles, mainly because, again, you aren't asphyxiating yourself.

You can, in places where medicinal MJ is legal, often buy pills or tinctures. I've never tried these, so can't say whether they give you a head buzz. I've heard, however, that the pills aren't quite as effective. Again, I can't speak to that.

It is one of the best pain killers out there and depending which strain you get, is an awesome muscle relaxant and sleep inducer as well. Indica is the muscle relaxant/anti-inflammatory/sleep inducer. It can also depress the mood a little, unfortunately. Sativa is more positive in nature, good pain killer. Usually, anything you buy will be a blend of the two, often a 50/50 or 75/25, but you can also get 60/40 and 80/20. The type you buy will depend on what you need to achieve. If you want an equal mix of pain killer and muscle relaxant, but don't want your mood to dip, then a 50/50 would be good. Or a 60% Sativa/40% Indica.

Hope that helps.



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