Tincture, huh? No... no I like to smoke it. Yeah, not lots, not crazy.... it really helps me with all the muscular reactions. I have tried flexeril, valium, hydrocodone and others I can't remember over the last 20 years for the muscle spasms that have accompanied the skeletal stiffening, and they just haven't worked as well. My spine has straightened enough to make me 3/4 of an inch taller (so I've got that going for me) and this has made for rock hard muscle issues. Only pot relaxes. And with out all of the horrible cloudy brain issues (now of course there are other clarity issues, but nowhere near as unpleasant as the major pain killers...) I also find the relaxation lasts into the next day. Or maybe it is a deep enough relaxation to outlive the high. Seriously, 1 hit a night makes the difference. I'm a Mom, I don't go nuts.