Pello: My pleasure. I am simply passing on things I have tried in my attempts to find some relief from my condition. That website is chaulk full of great recipes...I have only tried a few so far. One recipe that interests me there (but I haven't tried yet) is the Tincture. I think the idea for a tincture is a great one, and I have read a lot of material on this that suggests that it is even more effective, as it affects the body sooner than it would if you ate it in food.

When you smoke MJ, it starts affecting you almost immediately afterwards. However, when you eat it, it often takes up to an hour to "kick in" other medications, it has to be fully digested first. With the tincture, I have read that it takes a lot less time to kick in (15-20 minutes or so), but it has the same properties as if you ate the MJ in food.

I have a long and painful winter ahead of me, so I'll be trying lots of recipes out :)

I'll let you all know how they turn out!

If anyone else has any experiences, I'd be interested in hearing about them.