Oh how far we have come since this thread was started 13 years ago. I sit in California where I legally smoke and can grow if I want ( I don't) I like the sativa or the "Mexican" weed. A lot of people like the "Indica" which is the other strain out of india and it don't do a thing for me and it is supposed to be the "good stuff" They make salves out of the oils if you don't want to smoke or eat it that you can rub on your painful part. Also cancer patients use it. The pot that is helping little kids with cancer and with seizures use a strain called "Charlettes Web"It has little THC in it (The stuff that gets one high" but has a lot of Canabiloids which help the symptoms of the diseases to stop. IE no more seizures. I use medical marijuana I wait for the day when it is legal for everyone I know in some states like Kansas if they catch u with pot they may take away your pain meds cold turkey for your disease. This happened to a friend of mine there. Anyway I'm spacing out!

"those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music"