I don't know about the rest of the world but we have these legally available in NZ www.kronic.co.nz it's "herbal" weed legally bought over the counter at a gas station or corner shops.

I saw a report on the news one night and thought I'd give it a go not thinking it would work that well , well, I was pleasantly surprised, $15 (about $11USD) got me a pre-rolled joint so compared to the real stuff it's a little expensive although you could comfortably share this with 4 people.

My wife and I tried it and we were completely blowin away, it gave us exactly the same symptoms as the real stuff BUT easier on the lungs and no hangover side affects, it tasted like we were smoking flower petals too so it had a nice taste.

I haven't had one for a while now cause I tried it again after a few beers and my world started spinning too much if you know what I mean, but if you have some sensibly then it's a good time and totally relaxes you.