Hi Terry so how do you obtain this pill in Canada does it start with a Doctors prescriptian , then a trip to the pharmacy or something else more sinister.

To the best of my knowledge we don't have anything like that over here in OZ < I have searched the net and it seems all dope was banned some years ago although Marijuana has been used in a medicinal capacity for Centurys. I read it has been trialed in NSW thats another state of Oz bnutcan'tfind much else , so it looks like I will just have to drown myself in MS CONTIN (Morphene) for the next six weeks untill I get my first shot of Enbrel.

I did read Marijuana is available for Glucoma , which I don't have , it seems I have everything wrong with me except Glucoma.



:Such is Life", last words of Legendary Bush Ranger Ned Kelly just before they hung him