That is really interesting...I've always been leery of having to consider getting a card for my daughter, if for no other reason that smoking is bad for those with AS. Juicing, however...guess we'll have to talk to her doctor about it again. He took a lot of time with us to explain the positives and negatives, and we just haven't pursued it. It's a lot more red tape when you're looking into getting a card for a minor, but anything to help her pain level would be good, and since NSAIDS are now off the table, it may be worth looking at again.

Oh, and Shirley - the way the doctor explained it to me, there are studies out there. He attended a symposium that discussed the different types of pain, ascending and descending, and the types of medications that helped with each. Marijuana was one of the few that addressed both types, per the speaker. So no, wouldn't help the inflammation levels, but supposedly would be one that would help no matter what type of pain signals your nervous system was sending.

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