Holly, I hope Texas does legalize medicinal in your lifetime. The pain relief is extremely good, especially if you use a salve or the edibles. Very different from puffing and not as 'stunning' if you know what I mean. For me, especially the Autumn I was diagnosed, it means the difference between a full, spasm-free, night's sleep and not. When I was taking NSAIDS regularly, a few puffs on my pipe meant I didn't need to take the Celebrex the pain relief was so good. These days, even tho I'm on a biologic, I still have pain and it still makes the difference. The salve in particular has been a revelation because there's this spot just under my left Occiput that hurts almost non-stop. Nothing touches this, Tylenol 3, Celebrex, Remicade, Enbrel, not even Percocet touched it when I had to take that one time for something else. The MJ salve I use takes that pain away in five minutes flat. It's such a relief.

I just think everyone should have access to it.

Warm hugs,


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