Cannabis oil cures cancer. If you or a loved one has cancer I recommend you looking into Rick Simpson RSO oil. Take a few minutes to read over the testimonials flooding in his Facebook page and check the studies showing the proof.

As for AS, yes, it helps inflammation no doubt. many have touted the oils effectiveness. helps MS, COPD, RA and much more.

I helped a man cure his skin cancer first hand. When I had seen it cure on the outside I knew it was possible on the inside. I have friends that have been cured from it. Research is showing cannabis will stop inflammation and also helps stop damage from occurring. The pot I smoked in my 20s could have been helping ease the joint damage.

from Rick Simpsons site,

"I have been taking the hemp oil for the past 60 days with tremendous positive success for a chronic pain condition I have had since I was 18 years of age. For the first time that I can remember, I have little or no pain with the Ankylosing Spondylitis I have had to suffer with all my life. My kidney and liver function were damaged from the years of anti-inflammatory medication leaving me with a chronic pain condition on top of what I already had, that had to be dealt with by using addictive pain drugs. I spent years laying on my back being unable to move due to the damage caused by the disease and the drugs used to deal with the pain. Although I was able to eventually stop all pharmaceutical drugs that were only prolonging and increasing my pain, I was only just existing until a good friend mentioned the tears to me, asked me if I'd try it, they gave me a sample and your website to study. I began taking the hemp oil during a flare-up that was leading me back from where I had just come from. Within two hours of starting the Phoenix Tears program I began to feel my body relax and the pain immediately diminish. I slept that night like I had never before. A deep sleep with complete relaxation, something I had never experienced in my adult life. Each day there has been a great reduction in my pain level allowing me to once again continue with my work. I am so very grateful to you for this.

"I personally can attest to the curative powers of Cannabis Oil! My best friend has liver cancer and was told he has only eight months left here on earth to live. He was told by his oncologist - Nothing can help him except chemo and radiation and it may prolong his life by a year to a year and a half.

I told my friend about Rick Simpson and how the cannabis oil kills cancer. He decided not to undergo any conventional treatment that the oncologist had suggested. He stood defiant.

He started the Cannabis oil treatment and put his trust in the Lord.

He had another MRI after 6 weeks of eating this sacred oil and to his surprise his cancer is disappearing! The tumor has shrunk by 2 centimeters in length and width in SIX weeks!!!

My friend continues to take this natural medicine and has (very high) hopes of complete remission in a matter of weeks. It may take longer but that is just fine with him!

He has never consumed cannabis in his life. He always believed that it was the scourge of the nation. He was told that it takes your motivation away. We were all told about how cannabis was nothing more than a weed that should be looked down upon.

Well, he realizes now, that everything he has heard about it, the propaganda of how it ruins lives and so on - Was A LIE!

He has never been more (MOTIVATED) to Live! Cannabis is saving his life and cannabis is saving many lives everyday." Jose Gerard

March 19
"It's the main reason I left Wisconsin and came to Denver. Told my doc. I have my concentrates now so I don't need the narcotics anymore. My oncologist in Wisconsin that couldn't do [*bleep*] for my stage 4 colorectal cancer called cannabis funny medicine. I fired him on the spot and told the secretary to get me a real doctor!

A year ago I was supposed to be dead in 3 months. Thanks to the Rick Simpson oil I'm now healthier than my doctor is. I've already kicked cancer's [*bleep*] and now i'm working on beating the Parkinson's.

Don't listen to your doctors. Do your research. Cannabis CURES cancer and many other things too!" Lee Grimm

"I was diagnosed with kidney cancer in September 2012 and have refused chemotherapy treatment. I am 38. My path so far involved removing my right kidney, the cancer had reached my lymph nodes. My cancer was a grade 4 tumor, very aggressive with a sarcomatoid component. A very bad prognosis. I made huge diet changes & started ingesting cannabis oil in December 2012. My treatment choice consists of:

Cannabis oil daily.
PH Miracle diet, 7.4 ph
Juicing organic vegetables daily.
Avoid all processed food.
Cut ALL sugars out of my diet.
I Avoid all dairy, Almond milk is a great alternative.
High vitamin C intake, I eat organic lemons daily.
Seeds from 2 organic apples daily (B17)
Some fish and a little free range chicken
High omega 3 intake via flax oil. also omega 3 fish oils with high EPA.
Lots of unpasturized almonds, berries, organic vegetables, no red meat.

I am also looking to purchase a water ioniser that alkalizes drinking water to 9.5PH to really alkalize my system. This combined with excellent nutrition combined with cannabis oil I hope will keep me cancer free.

My last scan results as of January 5th 2013 came back Cancer free. I will continue my treatment path and update my results. I have another scan in May 2013." Simon Coleman

"I am so proud to be married to such a generous and brilliant man. My husband, Jake, made and gave Rick Simpson oil to an young woman (one of his patients)who was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer twice, and the second time was not given much hope for any conventional treatment by her oncologist.

She took the 60 grams of RSO in 90 days and went for an MRI today and she was told by the doctor she is now cancer free.

I feel so blessed to be part of this movement of saving people's lives and healing them with this safe, natural plant. Rick Simpson you are a true hero. Love & light." Sara Burton Franz

Just ask about more cases and scientific studies, there are hundreds of them, from pets to humans.

There is a difference in medicinal quality however from just smoking a joint to making the oil and ingesting it or suppository.