Hi Kat,
I just can't seem to do it...smoke the whacky stuff.
My husband's friend was recently diagnosed with cancer...throat cancer I think and he was smoking it. He gave my husbnad a joint to bring home with me and when he came home and pulled it out of his pocket I was kind of upset. The thought of him getting stopped with this stuff on him really bothered me.
He told me that his friend said it would help with my pain and he thought I should try it. Well, I did and I will admit that it helped with the pain for that night and part of the next day...amazing!
But, I was paranoid as hell and hated that feeling. Don't ask me what I was paranoid about...a little of everything and anything
Since then I haven't dared to try it again.
Think the stuff was just too strong for me? He did say it was really good stuff (what ever that means) and to take it easy. Don't mean to sound stupid, but are there lot's of different kinds? I only took one puff, but it was a big one.
I'm the type of person that'll try anything once.
Last year the medical marijuana bill was put through, but our governor at the time (Howard Dean who is now running for president) vetoed it. As of just recently it was put back through again and the new governor is unsure of what he is going to do. He said he feels the same way as Dean, but if there is enough evidence to prove that it can be regulated perfectly then he may pass it. He is worried that it will open a huge can of worms. So, who knows what will happen.
If it works for you as good as you say then I say.. keep puffing!
As for me...I just can't seem to allow myself to try it again.
Maybe it's all the negativity surrounding it that makes me paranoid. Guilty consience maybe. That consience has been known to put me in my place and keep me there, so I've learned to trust it. But when I smoked that stuff it kicked into high gear.
I'll keep you posted as to what happens with the bill. I am interested to see where it ends up.