Hi Inanna
I agree on the Vaporizer. It dosent burn the material so you arent inhaling smoke. It converts the oils to a vapor.
Yes Inanna some of the greats of history seem to have missed out on the big picture. It does seem like greed tends to get in they way of so many great men in history. But I have to say Im looking at them with 20/20 vision of the history. They may have had the best intent but really screwed up on a few points. I tend to lean towards the thought of greed being the cause
Pain and MJ.
I have heard of studies that say it does and studies that say it dosent help to relieve pain. I think it does help my pain as well but that could realy be just relaxation. I find that its use relaxes my muscles. Most of my pain comes from joints but I think alot of that is caused by muscles. I think the constant muscle spasms and overly taut ligaments make the joints more inflamed and sore. The joint pain (no pun intended) is less without the muscles fighting against me and I am more limber and have much less pain. I also find this relaxation counters some of the mental stress cronic pain brings.

I would like to say I am sorry for my heated statement earlier on this thread. This is a family sight and some of my statements where not the kind of thing I would want my children to read. And I am happy some of it got edited. Kudos to the very patient admin! It needed to be edited and I would have edited even more then they did but tried and got msg that time had run out to edit. I didnt stop and think. So may I say: The choice of MJ as a alternate is a choice, at this time, to do something illegal in most of USA. I would never think to influence anyone to do something they are not able to understand and accept the outcome of that action. Please if you are under 21 and considering this type of action talk it over with Parents, Doctors and such. Tests that have bin repeated show the same result in that children can suffer empathy effects that can take more than months to over come after stoping the use of MJ. As a minor the choices you make can have a terrable effect on your parents or guardians. In the eyes of the law they are responsable for your actions. Any illegal activity in there home will bring retribution on them. They have a right to know about any dangers you and they could be subject to with such actions.
Its already bin said on this thread that there are organizations fighting for the laws to be changed based on clinical studies to legalize the medical use of MJ for cronic pain victums. Searching out such an organization and supporting there efforts through legal means is the only way the laws will get changed. Its as simple as a web search. Even a letter to your representatives is a step towards your goal. Please support the legal process of our country and be an active member of the group or groups that support what you understand to be right.