NayaBlu, like so many things (all?) our individual responses vary. The first time I tried medical M, it was a capsule I was given, which was WAY too potent and had two effects. It made me high as a kite, completely loopy, and it made me acutely aware of the pain in my body, in a kind of detached, observer type of way. Where I lay on the bed and thought "Ah, look at how those pain pathways move through my body", yet didn't really care.

Given that experience, you might wonder why I persisted? I am stubborn like that.

I know it's probably better to use the high concentrates, but truth be told I only do that just before going to bed, because I find the dosing very tricky and I don't want to end up feeling high. When you have ingested it, it takes forever and a day to get it out of your system. So I am OK overnight, but for daytime I currently stick with smoking. I know it can't be good for the lungs, but it allows me to dose it just so. I know quickly if I am getting enough pain relief, and if I do make a mistake and take too much it is brief compared to the ingested concentrates.

As for CBD vs THC, I believe in a somewhat balanced approach myself. Again, I suspect individual experiences vary, but for me a VERY high CBD with no THC to balance it actually gives me fight or flight syndrome, I feel very rushed and adrenalized. If I use a 1/1 ratio of CBD and THC or a 2 / 1 is OK as well, I get much better results. Different strains act differently, even when they are virtually the same CBD/THC content, so it can take a lot of trial and error to find what works for you.

I am so grateful to live in a state where it is legal to use. I like it ever so much better than Vicodin.

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