Honey, paranoia goes with the territory. I still get paranoid at times, but not often. Usually because I'm safe at home, but every so often, the paranoia monster rears its ugly head and I become convinced that as soon as I go to sleep my house is going to burn down, or get robbed, or my cats are going to drown, or some such silly thing.

I've been doing it for so long, tho, that it takes me more than one puff (big or small) to feel anything. Still, I'm smoking less than half a joint every night.

Actually, I just bought a ventilator to smoke up with. It's smoke free. It's an electrical gizmo with a heating element in it. You put the post on a little pan and it bakes it. Because nothing's burning, there's no smoke. You just inhale the vapours. Very different high. More of a body buzz than a head buzz (because you aren't asphyxiating yourself with the smoke). Very different and very odd. It'll take a little getting used to because I'm so accustomed to the other way. I keep thinking it's not working, but then I take a deep breath, and my thorasics actually move somewhat easily, and I realize that it is working.

I'll be interested to hear what happens in your state.




A life lived in fear is a life half lived.
"Strictly Ballroom"