(please I mean no offense with this post)

What really makes me mad is they'll have no problem giving me OxyContin, fentynal patches, morphine or anything like them, but tell them you'd like to smoke a bit of weed and they go through the roof!

yeah 'cause weed is soooooo much worse then legal heroin.

No one has even died from marijuana, I know LOTS of people who got hooked on opiates, one almost died, he went into cardiac arrest and stopped breathing, luckily he's fine now. He started taking it legally for pain and then started abusing it due to other factors in his life. Sure that's not what most people who really need them for pain do, but it can happen. I read that you'd have to smoke 5 or more joints a day for 100 years to have a 1 in 5 chance (CHANCE) of getting lung cancer. Sure if you're predisposed or smoke cigarettes or live where lung cancer is more prevelant that risk is upped. But for normal small time users it's not as bad as big brother would like you to think.

I know lots of people who have other issues, not pain, that really benefit from smoking. One has anger issues and lots of stress, 3 hits when she gets home from work and she's mellow all through the next day even. One has severe puking up her stomach migraines which since she smokes a joint in the evening never happens anymore. Another who just uses to get high, but unlike drunks at the bar these people use responsibly. They are very careful. They respect what they are doing and respect others. Of course it can be abused. Anything can be abused! Heck how many people do you know who has to have that cup of coffee every morning or they are very angry. I read that pot is less addictive then caffiene, less addictive then everything legal but chocolate. What is so wrong with it?

I also read that medical marijuana has netted the state of california $100,000 a year in tax money. It would net even more if more people bought it legally instead of growing their own, or buying on the black market. The state I'm in will be $6 billion over budget in a couple years! Imagine how much it'll help if they sell it and tax it like cigarettes. At pack of cigarettes is soemthing like $3 in taxes alone! Plus getting it off the black market will help a bit with the violence in dealing with drug dealers. I read that 70-80% of our criminals in jail are on drug charges. And something like 60% of those are for pot! Something that is just wrong to me. I can see wanting to put the meth dealers away, but selling pot? Come on. it's so benign.

sorry for the rant. In my research I've just been reading so much.

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