I'm wondering if there is anyone around that is familiar with medical marijuana, prescribed by a doctor for your ankylosing.

I am in Canada and just received my oil to begin trying it. My condition has gone downhill so fast in the last six months. What a scary situation. Life is changing so quickly and my new setbacks are so life altering.

So I thought the medical marijuana might be the answer to the pain anyway. I've been reading so much good about this. I was adamant that I didn't want THC but after meeting with the doctor, she recommend two different strains.

One dose in the morning that is mostly CBD and the night dose with is to help with insomnia and it has the same amount of CBD as the daytime one but added into it, is THC. I didn't like the idea of that stoned feeling. I think it's a horrific feeling and was told that it's such a small amount that I wouldn't likely feel anything.

My starting dose is .25 ml and I'm to work my way up to where I feel comfortable. Up to 8ml per day or in flower for would equal 1 gram.

So I got the oil on Friday morning and took the first dose. Omgoodness. This one was the daytime one with only a trace of THC. Regardless, something made me as high as a kite. I'm sensitive to drugs so I'll chalk it up to that but really, this is such a small dose.

I developed a headache that is not going away. It's now Monday morning and this headache is still with me. I'm also getting random stabbing pain in crazy spots. One spot being the side of my head, one spot deep in my left leg and then another crazy place was the front of my face. I never had these random things before.

I still feel like I have that stoned, fuzzy feeling and when I take the nighttime one with more THC, I can't seem to fall asleep? I can't figure this out. If the CBD is used to help people with anxiety (as I've read) then why would a doctor prescribe a dose of the THC at bedtime for someone with insomnia. I would think the THC would stir you right up.

Anyway, I find this all so overwhelming and I wonder if this side effect of "fuzzy, stoned, I have zero motivation" will pass after awhile. I am so not a fan of this feeling and I had such high hopes.

Opinions? Thoughts?

Thanks so much. If I can be of any help to any of you, please let me know.