Just my 2 cents on the issue...I live in a state where it's legal for medical purposes, and I tried it for pain relief and it made my pain 100x WORSE. My entire body hurt. I don't have fibro, but I imagine that is what fibro feels like. It was awful. I have tried it about 5 times, and every time it is the same.

I have used the rubs, however, and those work great. I bought this clay that I put all over my hands. I was thinking of making my own with bees wax. I also want to try juicing it to see if that would make a difference, but it seems like a lot of work to grow it and juice it everyday.

I totally support medical marijuana, but for me it just isn't a solution. I just wanted to post this for people thinking of trying it because I had no idea it could increase pain so dramatically. I had only heard about it working to reduce pain.

Everything is okay. Trust yourself, and do not live from a place of fear.