The Toronto Star had an article on Medicinal MJ yesterday that I thought I would post here. Erika's last post makes it especially germaine.

Treat Marijuana as you would any other drug

One thing to bear in mind along with the exceptionally good health warnings they make is that they are talking about heavy users, people who are doing 3 or more joints a day. Now a joint is subjective, for one thing. Some people roll litttle weeney ones, others roll cannons. I don't suggest rolling cannons. Also, if you are using it correctly, a few puffs to get rolling and then maintaining, you won't be using that many joints a day. If you use a pipe, you can keep the amount reduced as well. But taking it internally or in pill/tincture/salve form would be the healthiest way.

This is not stuff to be played with. If you wouldn't drive on oxycontin or even Tylenol 3s, you probably shouldn't on MJ either. That kind of thing.

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