I recommend trying high dose of baked goods if you can. Or a combo of baked and vaporiser. You want a lot of it so that you can feel the waves of energy passing through your whole body and you get the urge to tense all your body up and then release the tension. Magic. I haven't experimented enough with this, but I felt there was something to it. I felt those waves of energy to be healing and swear I could feel every cell in my body as the waves of energy washed over me.

Diagnosed AS year 2000 age 26; First onset of major symptoms came with severe food poisoning leaving me in chronic pain hardly able to walk/sleep/sit - never been the same since; HLA-B27 positive; bouts of iritis; no biologics ever, controlling with NSAID's and diet but trying to get off NSAID's through various "biohacking" experimentations; Live in Auckland, New Zealand