OKRA. The food characters of okra that most people avoid are actually important in treating AS and LGS, and it should be eaten twice weekly, if possible.

Wok cooking is easiest. This type of shallow frying is much less damaging than other, heavier and more oil-consuming fry methods. A bamboo steamer can be used for the first stage of cooking so that much less time in oil and less oil is used.

Coarsely chop up a whole onion. Purple onion, if milder flavor is preferred.
Add two garlic cloves that have been finely sliced; less for milder taste.
Remove tops and the bit of tail from each okra and French-cut (angle) into 2-3 sections.

The onions and okra can be steamed together for 15 minutes, the wok poured out and a small amount of oil (canola--rape seed--oil is best) heated. Flash-cooked for another 5 minutes, tomatoes can be added any time, as well as some hot sauce to taste and garlic.

Water, with a bit of lemon juice, can be poured in after the flash cooking, if more liquid is desired.