TOFU. Tofu, although from the soya bean, is not starchy and can enhance any dish. Its bland flavor can be a foil for most dishes, but I prefer seasoning the tofu to stand on its own:

On a Teflon baking sheet, dust on some California style Lemon Pepper along with an equal amount of a curry powder, cumin, or turmeric. Place sliced (just over thick) extra firm tofu onto sheet. The top of the tofu can then be prepared with the same, after spreading first with A1, chutney, or just lemon or lime juice. Broil it for 6 minutes or so, or bake it aggressively until steam is evolved and it might require basting.

This is sliced into 1 lengths then scraped off the pan.

Can be added to just about any dish, and works quite well with spinach, okra, and bean sprouts.