Spicy Asian dish
Under no nightshades diet laksa was mentioned.
Indonesian sambal is used in this receipe
Here what you can add to laska, curry, and other spicy soups
ingredients: candle nut ( crushed)
kaffir lime leaves (finely chopped)
fish (precooked)
laksa paste or curry paste, sambal paste, chilli (fresh and chopped) or in the form of a paste
sweet potato (sliced)
mushroom (sliced)
any additional herb found on the label of the paste bottle
mint (diced)
laksa leaves (diced)
lemon grass (grounded) and lime juice
coconut milk
onion, garlic, shallots, ginger (all finely chopped)
green leaves (chopped, seperate the stems from leaves)
fried tofu ( sliced)

*Remember to keep stirring the soup while cooking and adding indgredients
soup base
1) place in a pot water, onion, garlic, ginger, candlenuts, kaffir lime, sweet potato and boil. Add the stems.
2) add mint and lemon grass and lime juice when the previous food are cooked. add the leaves in.
3) add the pastes in (do not add too much as they are very hot)
4) add the mushrooms and fried tofu
5) add the shallots and coconut milk
6) if adding any herbs that are not cooked, put them in earlier.
7) add fish
do not overcook the fish
when the dish is well mixed, it is time to serve.
*Remember to keep stirring the soup while cooking and adding indgredients

Note: if time permits you can soak the ingredients in the soup for ten to fifteen minutes before severing the dish. The flavour will be more readily absorbed into the ingredients.

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