OK its not really pizza, but that what the recipe called it.
Good recipe to experiment with, such as mixing spaghetti sauce in with tomatoes, or spicing with Oregano and Rosemary instead of Basil.
I'm not absolutly positive it's stach free. I eat this often, with not even a hint of flare.

4-6 med. Zucchini squash (Yellow Summer squash works too)
2-3 tomatoes (canned tomatoes will work fine)
1 medium onion
1 lb. Mozzerella cheese (about 1/2 kilogram)
5-10 thin slices bacon
Basil, salt, pepper (or other zesty spices that you prefer)

Wash and slice Zucchini into lightly oiled baking dish
slice onion and cover squash-- season each layer as you go
slice tomatoes and cover onions
generously cover this all with cheese
cover top with bacon- only one slice thick
Bake at 400 degrees F for about 40 min. ... until bacon is done