The problem of finding starchless snacks is a tough one on this less-than-convenient dietary regimen.

Those single-ounce string cheese snacks are nice, but more fattening than filling. Cottage cheese, is also a cheese, but handy with nothing else around. There are snack packs of fruit flavored applesauce, or cinnamon or plain.

I mix raisins and almonds together as a kind of GORP. "Craisins" (dried cranberries) can be used, also. We should be eating at least three raw almonds daily, for the B17.

Halvah is not starchy, and there are sesame seed and honey squares or cookies that are normally safe, although heavy on the sugar so if you have a C. albicans problem this might not be good. Trader Joe's have cookies that are just sugar and egg albumen--meringue, in three flavors, and these can be baked with relative ease. Again, too much sugar.

Grapes, and concord grape juice (unsweetened, if possible) can help with the starch cravings.

Uncooked carrots are not very starchy and probably acceptable in moderation, although some have trouble even with the sugar level in these.

Olives are nice, and can be mixed with Ragu and heated. No commercially prepared soups are starch-free, but I am experimenting with getting the Ragu/tomato paste, etc mixture right--watered down spaghetti sauce is about all I have ended up with to date...

I quit eating Jello upon becoming vegetarian, but tried it recently and did not gag, so it may be a good starch-free snack, especially with the glucosamine level.

Plenty of sunflower seeds, pepitas (gourd seeds), walnuts, Macadamia nuts, and filberts provide some variety.

Fruit leather is another option, but some have additives and modified food starch, as do many yoghurt brands--most of these do not have "live active cultures," either.

I used to be a major cracker, chips and salsa, and pasta consumer. I still like most of the things that I used to put on these--especially some salsas. "Nachos--Flanders style," are not so bad; cucumber slices with cottage cheese, olive, and some paprika. (variation on SImpson's neighbor, Ned Flanders, suggestion). I have even made spaghetti using the squash for the Myzithra cheese ("Plato's Delight" ?) as offered by Spaghetti Factory, but that is not really a snack as major cooking. Things like celery sticks can handle the cream cheese, onion dip, etc.

Cayce put chocolate in the same category as starches, but I have not had problems with it, outside the excess sugar. I do not eat very much of it, just in case.

Best to all,