Thanks. I might try Simponi then. It was recently (last year or so) been put on the PBS here so it won't cost much so definitely worth a try.

Yes yes yes you so hit the nail on the head. The anxiety and depression is situational only. I am not anxious or depressed every day or even every week. Only when my pain is really bad especially when it affects my hands. And my anxiety is only when take medications or when those horrible stop smoking adds come on TV. I know I should stop smoking but it is hard (I am trying) but the adds don't make/help me stop they just make my so scared and anxious. But in general I am not an anxious person and I do not suffer anxiety away outside of these times.

As for the adjustment disorder well personally I think my reactions to the way my life has changed due to AS is no different to anyone here so if this makes us crazy well at least I am not alone I know I am part of a big family of crazy people here lol.
Take care.