I am new to KickAS, stumbled upon here while browsing about AS. I was diagnosed with AS in October last year. Started Humira in November and have been on it since. Ive done eight injections so far every two weeks.

I am scared of the possible long term side effects of Humira, or any other tnf blockers.

Humira has made me feel almost 100% again. I started having constant pain 5 years ago when I was 23. The Humira starting working imediatly for me so I do not want to give it up. So far no major side effects. Just a few headaches and heartburn. I dont know if the heartburn is from the Humira or not. I have much more anxiety now than I used to and I'm much more emotional which is a little wierd for me.
I think I am still trying to accept that I have AS and will have it for the rest of my life. I guess it is good to finally know what has been causing my back pain for so long though.
When I was diagnosed I was glad to know what it was, but lately I've been kind of depressed and have lost some motivation.

I am hoping that I can get some advise from people that have been on this drug and lived with AS for several years about side effects.

Thanks for reading and for any input.