Hi Kevin_Ray,... welcome to KA! Glad you found us.

Really good to hear that humira is providing you with so much relief and is working effectively.

I think it is fairly natural to worry a little, especially when you are still relatively new to the diagnosis and still fairly new to this medication.

I would try not too worry to much about the small risk of getting a fungal infection or skin disease. Being mindful of any new or unusual symptoms that may come up is your best defence, so knowledge is important. The risk for developing new-onset psoriasis is very low and yep, paradoxical, (may have something to do with an underlying predisposition), and gets even lower after the first 3 months on the med, if I remember correctly. Plus, the more concerning things are usually reversed by simply stopping the med.

If you think you are getting a flu or chest infection, just delay your shot and speak with your rheumatologist to check when it is safe for you to resume. When in doubt - ask your doc, that's what they are there for! smile

I've been on Remicade (same biologic class of medication as Humira) for nearly 6-1/2 yrs now, with no problems, no side-effects, and far fewer colds than I used to get. I use hand-sanitizer when out to a mall or grocery shopping and I try to avoid sick people! Seems to work really well -- and the Remicade has been a huge blessing and has literally given me my life back.

Give yourself some time to get used to the concept of having AS. It takes a bit to get your mind around it, I know. Your feelings of depression may have more to do with this or with living with chronic pain, than the Humira. If the depression has been around for a bit and isn't going away, mention it to your doc and get some treatment. Pain and depression are physiologically linked.

Good luck and I hope it helps to know that you are not alone.