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Joined: Jan 2010
Posts: 225
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Joined: Jan 2010
Posts: 225
Hello everyone !!
I've been following an elimination diet since 18 Feb, which is also the day I had my last shot of Enbrel. I'd said I'd be back for updates, and thought the 50-day mark was enough of a milestone to justify the first update.
So my AS history is : I'm 29, have had symptoms since age 17, diagnosed age 21, on NSAIDS on an off since age 17, it was axial at first (back and SI joint, misdiagnosed as sciatica for a few years), and then moved on to peripheral joints around age 24 (feet, hands, knees, shoulders, elbows…), so I went on Sulfasalazine & methotrexate and NSAIDS still. Didn't work for me so went onto Enbrel + methotrexate + NSAIDS and kept on it for 4 years. It worked brilliantly. A year ago I went NSD, and was able to go off NSAIDS completely within a couple weeks. I started tapering off Enbrel and MTX. Last December I stopped MTX, and 50 days I had my last shot of Enbrel. Since then I've had no drugs whatsoever (not event aspirin or paracetamol, even went off the birth control pill).
I thought doing an elimination diet would help me figuring out what foods were ok for me and which weren't.
It's been quite a journey, and I think I'm only at the start, it'll probably take a lot longer than I originally planned for.
I started with a couple days bone broth fast and then reintroduced all meat/fish and a few non-starch veggies. I realized it was way too much food to reintroduce at once, so I did another fast (1 day) this time and then reintroduced one meat/fish + 1 veggie at a time. It meant little variety but was a lot clearer to read.
My safe foods at the moment are :
-beef, lamb, pork, chicken, fish, shrimps
- lettuce, spinach, artichoke, fennel, brussels sprouts, broccoli, olives, quail's eggs
-olive oil, coconut oil, lard, apple cider vinegar, salt
-gelatine, coconut
- berries & cherries
- wine (in moderation :-)…)
The one food I've reacted to so far has been eggs. I got quite bad stomach pains every time i ate one, even though I used to eat loads of them. I tried quail's eggs and didn't get a reaction so I have them occasionally to make mayonnaise or meringues. Don't want to eat too many if my body doesn't like eggs.
The diet has proved a lot easier than I thought in the way of cravings. Despite my major sweet tooth, I staid off any sugar (even fruit) for nearly a month, and even now, I don't have them everyday, and it wasn't as hard as i thought it would.
However what's proven hard is to read my body's reactions to the foods.
I'm not 100% pain-free (i wasn't when on drugs either), and have some pains in my back, or wrist, or chest or SI joint. Most days i'll have some pains level 1-2 in one or two of those areas, and sometimes they'll peak to a 3-4. However I'm realizing that things like lack of sleep, stress, pollution & overexertion can be massive triggers as well, so every time you have a reaction it leaves you with several options. For example, last Monday I started experimenting pain in my SI joint which I hadn't had in years (apart from like a day when I first started NSD). I went in my mind through what could have gone wrong. I'd spent the weekend at my folks and had a BBQ and I think I was starched : I ate some of the meat on my mum's plate, and I think it had a couple grains of semolina on it (suspect n°1). I also had a fair amount of wine over the week-end (quite inflammatory, i know, suspect n°2). I also had more fruit (berries) than usual, coz there has to be dessert at my mum's (I wonder if I haven't got candida, so too much sugar : suspect n°3). And finally I went on a vigorous bike ride Monday morning and wonder if that hasn't angered my Si joint (suspect n°4). So basically all isn't as clear-cut as I could have hoped and I do get frustrated when I get set-backs and am not sure what it comes from.
I'm pretty sure the pollution peak we've experienced in Paris has had some negative effect on my symptoms, and I'm wondering also if I might not be prone to getting hurt from exertion now I'm not on meds anymore, because of the bike thing above and also I've noticed the chest pain I've been having started just after I repainted my bathroom (ceiling included). Wonder if I could have hurt myself this way.
Apart from doing the diet I'am also supplementing, i'm taking vitamin D (fish oil), a combo of essential oils against gut dysbiosis, peppermint oil against possible candida, some chinese medicinal herbs, and apple cider vinegar. I've also just bought cypress oil to massage into sore areas.
So to sum it up, it's a bit of a roller-coaster ride, some days I'm very hopeful i might be on my way to kick this thing, and some days i'm a bit frustrated and wondering if I'm kidding myself. I just try and remember it took me years to get sick, so getting better has got to be a lengthy process. I'm functional at the moment so I'm grateful for that, I'm just hoping it stays that way !!
Sorry for such a lengthy post, not a lot of people you can talk about this too !!
Thank you to you all for your positiveness and wisdom !!
All the best,

Joined: Apr 2014
Posts: 53
Joined: Apr 2014
Posts: 53
I'm new here, so don't have a lot to say, but I learned something about eggs recently that you may also want to experiment with. Some people are intolerant of the egg white (me) but are fine with the yolk (which is cool as the yolk is where all the nutrition is.) Maybe check that out, too? I can tolerate small amounts of the white, so I will, for example, have two eggs and dump the white of one. (And I only touch certified organic eggs when I do have them.)

Joined: Jan 2010
Posts: 225
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Joined: Jan 2010
Posts: 225
Hello! Thanks for the tips I had read about it. I tried it and made mayonnaise just with the egg yolks though I still go a reaction. I read this study as well that said it's impossible to completely separate the white from the yolks so if you have an allergy you should be careful. I then decided to start experimenting with different eggs so far I've only tried quails, I wanted to try Duck but I can't seem to find any around where I live.

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