I wonder if there is any information available on the effect of the various Covid vaccines on AS. The little information I’ve found all relates to the vaccine and various medication taken for AS, not the effect on AS itself.
I am eligible for my vaccine in about a week, but I don’t know which vaccine I will be offered. Right now, I am a bit hesitant. Although I am not high risk, I would like to get the vaccine, but not if it has a negative effect on my current AS condition.

I’ve had pretty debilitating/career changing AS for about 40 years now. However, I have been free of any symptoms for the last 6 years. I don’t take any medication (never did) other than a low starch diet, Curcumin and Psyllium Husk and daily workouts. I’ve even been able to reduce my (severe) Uveitis episodes from 5-6 per year for many years, to zero episodes for over 5 years with just simple natural remedies.

I’ve been getting used to a ‘normal’ active lifestyle the last years, and do not want to disturb the current status quo. Based on my current understanding, I would not take the vaccine because of the unknown effect on AS. The last thing I want it to activate the AS again.