Posted By: WilliamA Vaccination effect on AS - 03/27/21 06:57 PM

I wonder if there is any information available on the effect of the various Covid vaccines on AS. The little information I’ve found all relates to the vaccine and various medication taken for AS, not the effect on AS itself.
I am eligible for my vaccine in about a week, but I don’t know which vaccine I will be offered. Right now, I am a bit hesitant. Although I am not high risk, I would like to get the vaccine, but not if it has a negative effect on my current AS condition.

I’ve had pretty debilitating/career changing AS for about 40 years now. However, I have been free of any symptoms for the last 6 years. I don’t take any medication (never did) other than a low starch diet, Curcumin and Psyllium Husk and daily workouts. I’ve even been able to reduce my (severe) Uveitis episodes from 5-6 per year for many years, to zero episodes for over 5 years with just simple natural remedies.

I’ve been getting used to a ‘normal’ active lifestyle the last years, and do not want to disturb the current status quo. Based on my current understanding, I would not take the vaccine because of the unknown effect on AS. The last thing I want it to activate the AS again.
Posted By: DragonSlayer Re: Vaccination effect on AS - 03/28/21 03:34 AM
Hi, William:

Glad the diet is working for You! Other people with AS have had various other vaccinations. One person I am aware about suffered severe inflammation, albeit temporary.

IF I were going to get the jab, it would be Johnson & Johnson because of the positive reports people have given in general and besides, it requires no booster.


Posted By: Smed Re: Vaccination effect on AS - 03/28/21 01:32 PM
Vaccinated with no effect- Some of my family has had mild effects after second vaccine with slight fervor and weakness out of 9 of us 3 had no effect 6 had some of these conditions after the second shot only lasted for a day.
Posted By: LINCinNYC Re: Vaccination effect on AS - 03/30/21 02:15 AM
I got my second Pfizer shot yesterday. It was the only option where I got vaccinated. I've had arm pain and fever and aches with each shot but they went away in a day. My friend working on data collection at the CDC said I might have more side effects since I had Covid a year ago...I still have antibodies and have tested negative every time I test, which is every couple weeks.
I have had Long Covid symptoms....diagnosed with post infectious IBS and chronic fatigue...I need naps!
Hope this helps
Posted By: Inanna Re: Vaccination effect on AS - 04/02/21 07:08 PM
I had my first AstraZeneca jab at the end of February and will have the second at the end of the month. My arm ached pretty badly the first couple of days, but I was fine. My husband, who is also a spondy and has several other underlying conditions had his AZ in mid-February and will have his second in two weeks. He had fatigue for a few days.

There are several other ASers I'm in touch with who have had it and one felt headachy for a day or two, another felt achy and fatigued for several days and another who had little trouble at all.

Hope that helps.
Posted By: light Re: Vaccination effect on AS - 04/22/21 10:20 PM
I just wanted to add my voice here, as before I was vaccinated I was very nervous about it. I had an experience with a tetanus shot that activated my immune system (AS pain for months despite keeping strict NSD). I got the Johnson and Johnson vaccine with no issues at all. I know it is in temporary recall, but I would do it again, as blood clots are MUCH more common with Covid than this vaccine. I will use the same one as a booster if offered. If not, I guess I will have to see how I do with the others.

Good luck!
Posted By: jwmson Re: Vaccination effect on AS - 04/27/21 12:52 AM
I went off Enbrel 2 wks before Pfizer, both times and stayed off 2 wks afterwards. Neither shot gave me any issues whatsoever. Similar to flu shot annually . My wife, healthy and no issues, took the Moderna. Some effects 1st shot. 2nd shot, 2.5 days in bed. Totally wiped out. Fever, chills, aches. I have NONE, amazing that I've had AS for almost 40Y.
Posted By: IFFOT Re: Vaccination effect on AS - 07/13/21 07:52 PM
Hi everyone, I would be extremely grateful to hear about experiences from anyone who has had both shots of the Pfizer vaccine and who, like me, has an existing diagnosis of Ankylosing Spondylitis (HLA B27+) and/or Uveitis and ideally, and not taking immunosuppressants. I guess we are probably a very small subset of the population!
I had my first Pfizer shot on 22 June and apart from a sore arm, I had no other symptoms. A stronger reaction is often noted after the second dose of Pfizer, and that is booked for 20 July, in just a week's time. I am a little nervous, as there is little data on the longer term effects on people with inflammatory autoimmune conditions.
Posted By: Inanna Re: Vaccination effect on AS - 07/15/21 07:30 AM
Rheumatologists are recommending we have both jabs. At least, the ones here are. I know several KAers that have had both Pfizer and both Moderna. They are fine. Also, not everyone has a super bad reaction to the second shot. Some do, yes. But some don't. So, it's really up to how your body processes the vaccine.

At this point the vaccines are still too new to have assessed people with autoimmune disease, but I have read there are studies either planned, or beginning.

I hope that helps.
Posted By: quikjraw Re: Vaccination effect on AS - 07/30/21 09:06 AM

I have HLA-B27 Ankylosing Spondylitis and received my first dose in March 2021 in the UK of Pfizer.

I believe that my response to vaccination has caused a significant flare in multiple joints.

However, I suspect that if I had caught COVID the situation would have been at least the same if not worse so I do not regret getting the vaccination. My body would have been full or both virus and antibodies if I had caught covid.

I am convinced any strong immune response can cause flares in my AS.

Due to physical activity I have been almost symptom-free for about 5 years (apart from the odd Uveitis attacks) so I have not yet been started on methotrexate or anti-TNF yet but this may change if my symptoms do not subside.

I am currently week 1 of the lowe starch diet and there is no doubt that my symptoms are calming down but I need to be patient and see where it goes.
Posted By: IFFOT Re: Vaccination effect on AS - 08/05/21 10:36 AM
That's very interesting. I had my first Pfizer shot on 22 June and whilst everything was fine at first, a few weeks later (last few days) I have noticed a significant increase in stiffness in my neck, shoulders and spine. In fact I have had a kind of torticulis in my neck, which finally seems to be getting better. For the past 21 years, I have managed to keep the AS very well under control through the Low Starch Diet and probiotics. Very occasionally I will take 600mg Ibuprofen (anti-inflammatory) if, for some reason, I notice some residual inflammation, but rarely. For years I have not experienced the kind of stiffness and muscle spasms that I am currently experiencing, and I can only put this down to an up-regulaton of pro-inflammatory cytokines post-vaccine. Like you, I have gone back strictly to diet, and am hoping this will settle down in time.

One thing I would say: I do wish the authorities and medical establishment would be a little more transparent and forthcoming about the potential issues (both short and long term) that some people with auto-inflammatory conditions and autoimmune issues might experience after vaccination. I do understand it's early days, and they shouldn't rush to conclusions, but repeating the standard line, a kind of "one size fits all", over and over again, is beginning to wear a little thin. Most of us auto-immuners are highly knowledgeable about our health and often in regular communication with other members of our community. Having lived with this condition myself for almost half of my life, and having educated myself on basic immunology, I get the impression that we are being taken for fools.
Posted By: mig Re: Vaccination effect on AS - 09/03/21 11:28 PM
I've had 2 shots of the Moderna vaccine (Apr, then June) and no side effects other than the typical sore arm for a day or so afterwards - all good!

I've been on Remicade for err, cripes, about 17 yrs so I'm lucky that my AS is under really great control to the point of practically no symptoms and only 2 iritis attacks in all that time (my iritis used to be chronic). Rheumatologists here recommend that we get vaccinated, especially if on an immune suppressing med. A covid infection is the far greater danger, in my wee opinion. These vaccines have lots of solid data on good efficacy and safety now.

Hope everyone stays safe!
Posted By: ineptwill Re: Vaccination effect on AS - 09/07/21 12:19 PM
Your opinion is never 'wee'! Apart from you being a clot that is.

Pleased to hear that you are double jabbed, me too.
Posted By: Magician Re: Vaccination effect on AS - 09/21/21 04:13 AM
I had my first shot of Pfizer in March with no side effects other than a sore arm. Second shot followed at end of April. For some reason it brought on a pseudo MS attack.

I am so glad to be able to be vaccinated. Covid-19 is a nasty creature as is the Delta Variant.

We have many refusing to be vaccinated. Very selfish I am sorry to say. Be safe everyone! Wear your mask! Maintain your distance!
- Angie -
Posted By: DragonSlayer Re: Vaccination effect on AS - 09/21/21 08:51 PM
Hi, Angie:

Here in US, I really do not trust the vaccination. I got delta and had Regeneron, so cannot get a jab for 80 days anyway. Perhaps the adjuvants will be changed by then. Things like graphene oxide and polar phospholipids in addition to whatever they believe the active ingredient is that does not seem to totally protect (MIGHT reduce symptoms). So, HOPEFULLY they have their collective act together by the time I consider getting the J&J jab.

The reports I have seen indicate perhaps increased 30 X risk factor from the jab opposed to the COVID and variants (over 100). Autoimmune disease is one of the long-term risk factors, so is myelin degeneration, microclots, and even a unique fungus!

To help remove some of the adjuvants (contaminants), it has been suggested that NAC, papain, and C-60 (this is "Fullerene" carbon in a mixture of EVOliveOil or coconut oil) can help eliminate the worst of it, but I have no direct knowledge or experience and do not intend to ever NEED that knowledge.

Clif_High on Bitchute has been doing a series on this topic, but finding useful information from him will require exhaustive watching; I don't know which one of his WOO WOO videos has the amelioration information--if I run across it I will post the link here for You.


Posted By: Magician Re: Vaccination effect on AS - 09/22/21 05:04 AM
<chuckle> that is way too technical reading for me, John. smile

I was just dragging my leg for a few days after the shot until my body recuperated from it. Admit that sure scared me! Such power in a shot to invoke a reaction from MS. Incredible, eh?

Please do not spend too much time watching or looking for it, k?

I want to talk privately with you re: the KickAS website.

Contact me privately please; it's all good stuff.

Thank you John.

- Angie -
Posted By: finnari Re: Vaccination effect on AS - 10/21/21 06:39 PM
Not interested in a temporary therapeutic (it's not a vaccine) for COVID. Too many side effects. Now i have 6-12 times the immunity by having COVID. Why would I risk anything by taking this vaccine? Clearly the only reason would be to help stop the spread IF that's what it does, but it doesnt. The Vaxxed spread it also.
Posted By: Inanna Re: Vaccination effect on AS - 11/06/21 05:14 PM
Studies show that the antibodies you acquire from having Covid lose their ability to neutralise the virus after some time. However, having the vaccine in addition to having the natural antibodies can be a gunshot to the head of the virus. Hundreds of millions of doses given and serious adverse effects are pretty darned rare. Not sure what you're waiting for, but I suggest you re-evaluate your source of information. Herd immunity would have occurred by now if it were possible.