Hey Guys,
I have started the LSD, it's been 2 weeks but I hv not been able to find much relief. Not sure what I m not doing right here is a brief regimen ( as I m a vegetarian) I realise options are few

My diet includes - fruits, almonds, dried fruits like dates, walnuts, dried berries, pomegranate,apple,pear , cottage cheese,buttermilk, salads,avacado . I experimented with quinoa and sorghum a few days back but the pain was the same.. to be honest I started the diet with only papaya n fruits the whole day and I was able to realise the difference on day one. But since then I have had no major relief in the pain , I m also feeling weak as I have not been taking any supplements at all.

Your inputs on this regard will help

Brief background: I was diagnosed with AS in 2008, and I have been managing with homeopathy,ayurveda and I practice yoga everyday.. currently I have a Little stoop on my upper back and my neck has limited movement. In 2010 I had gone through a hip replacement for my right hip which was severely damaged due to AS.