Posted By: Pdaga LSD and feeling weak - 10/14/16 04:00 PM
Hey Guys,
I have started the LSD, it's been 2 weeks but I hv not been able to find much relief. Not sure what I m not doing right here is a brief regimen ( as I m a vegetarian) I realise options are few

My diet includes - fruits, almonds, dried fruits like dates, walnuts, dried berries, pomegranate,apple,pear , cottage cheese,buttermilk, salads,avacado . I experimented with quinoa and sorghum a few days back but the pain was the same.. to be honest I started the diet with only papaya n fruits the whole day and I was able to realise the difference on day one. But since then I have had no major relief in the pain , I m also feeling weak as I have not been taking any supplements at all.

Your inputs on this regard will help

Brief background: I was diagnosed with AS in 2008, and I have been managing with homeopathy,ayurveda and I practice yoga everyday.. currently I have a Little stoop on my upper back and my neck has limited movement. In 2010 I had gone through a hip replacement for my right hip which was severely damaged due to AS.
Posted By: Janclebro Re: LSD and feeling weak - 10/14/16 11:15 PM
I'm new here, and new on the diet, so I don't regard myself as any kind of authority! I've been lucky to find immediate and enormous benefit on the diet - three weeks ago I found life barely worth living my pain was so severe, and most nights I was getting one to three hours sleep.

I've found that cowsmilk products affect me badly. I have found a really great full fat Goatsmilk Yoghurt - the fact that it is full cream helps to fill me up and satisfy me. You might find it worth trying... Also you don't mention eggs in your diet - they could probably help to give you more protein and make you not so weak! I find brazil and macadamia nuts quite filling. A breakfast that I enjoy and keeps me going is a mixture of nuts and seeds (some ground, some whole), a very small quantity of dried fruit for sweetness, all soaked overnight, in the morning I add berries and yoghurt, and recently also a teaspoon of coconut oil. This fills me and sustains me till lunch.

I made the mistake of having some quinoa a few days after I started the diet and paid a terrible price in terms of pain. Likewise with butternut and chickpeas - all mistakes I made in the first two weeks. I'm now strictly no starch for now - low starch was not enough for me.

I hope my suggestions are helpful - good luck!
Posted By: Pdaga Re: LSD and feeling weak - 10/15/16 07:36 PM
Thank you! And good luck to you too!!
Posted By: Sly Re: LSD and feeling weak - 10/17/16 12:12 PM
I'm also quite new on the strict NSD. Almost a month now. I've felt pretty weak as well.

It seems the explanation is that starch is stored energy that the body can run on for a long time. Opposite of sugar, which is a short instant burst of energy. So without starch, you may have to snack more in between meals to keep energy levels up.

You might want to be aware of too much sugar though. It sounds like you eat a lot of fruit? If you have a flare with lots of inflammation, sugar may worsen it.

I drink herbal tea all day, and snack a little nuts and dried fruits. I feel that it is working okay for me.

Just my noob view. All the best to you smile
Posted By: Pdaga Re: LSD and feeling weak - 10/19/16 04:49 PM
Thank you Sly will definitely try this.. btw I m off sugar now n feeling better
Posted By: Janclebro Re: LSD and feeling weak - 10/26/16 11:09 PM
I've found that having a small amount of a healthy oil or fat with my meal really makes a difference in terms of sustaining me and keeping my strength up. I don't need very much, but have a bit of virgin coconut oil or butter with my breakfast, or add more extra virgin olive oil to my salads than I might have done previously,etc. My first few days on NSD I struggled to make it from one meal to the next - I felt weak and ravenous. This has made a massive difference.
Posted By: ValsMum Re: LSD and feeling weak - 10/27/16 01:15 AM
Maybe the nuts are a problem.I can not eat many nuts or I flare up. However I have not tried soaking them yet, that helps some folks with our condition.

Have you tried juicing greens, such as collards, celery and cucumbers in a juicer. I do it once a day and it makes a REAL difference when I forget. The enzymes are similar to what is in your gut already. Also when I clean my juicer it is goey and reminds me of what our gut should be coated with . It is a way to get many nutrients into our body with one drink. Three carrots, 1/2 cucumber, 2 stalks celery and one apple all in one drink, it would be hard to eat all of it at one sitting.
Posted By: zark Re: LSD and feeling weak - 11/26/16 06:50 AM
Fruit fast - your initial relief is something we have many times experienced here on a fruit fast. For me it took three days of fruit and water, so you are quite lucky to get there on day one! A good sign that your body is able to right itself quickly once you get your diet right.

Just remember that you can repeat this any time! One or two days of grapes oranges pears apples melons papaya and water. After that you can test food one by one and see how you go.

Dairy - as others have said .. it is a problem for many. Yoghurt and cheese is better but even then it can sometimes be a problem.

Have you gotten the hang of baking using almond flour?